I might not know much, but I do know these for sure:

  • Mojitos are not one of the five major food groups
  • $22,000 Aussie dollars converts to about £23
  • “Overnight romance” sounds better than “one night stand”
  • Writing a Logie Award acceptance speech when you are aged eight is not normal
  • Tom Jones is not the only dark-haired Welshman with sex appeal
  • The British do not appreciate a title when it has been bought on the internet
  • A blue cross on a white stick WILL change your life

DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I USED TO BE is my 2009 memoir about moving to the UK, frocking up, dating, getting married, giving birth to my first child and coming home… not always wearing Manolos.

“had me laughing, crying, then crying with laughter. The woman is a Gucci-clad genius.”

“Julia writes with such refreshing honesty and humour [nothing is spared] you feel like you’re actually sitting with her listening to her stories over a jug of Sangria and all along you can hear that infectious laugh of hers.” SHESAID.COM.AU

The paperback is sold out and on back order but you can still buy an ebook copy by clicking HERE.

Download chapter one here